Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Evolving Universe in the Media

Below you will find a list of links connecting to news related to the Evolving Universe workshop. We have also selected some pictures from the participants and posted them here https://picasaweb.google.com/105833210899202340443/INCAIAtPUCRio2011


1. 02/08/11 – Planeta Universitário
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4. 02/08/11 – Observatório Nacional
5. 03/08/11 – Portal Fator Brasil
6. 04/08/11 – Boletim Faperj
7. 03/08/11 – Fórum Brasileiro de Cosmologia (Cosmo Br)
8. 05/08/11 – Agência Rio de Notícias
9. 05/08/11 – Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPQ)
10. 05/08/11 – Jornal do Brasil
11. 05/08/11 – Zé Moleza
12. 07/08/11 – Liz Marcco
13. 08/08/11 – Jornal da Ciência
14. 08/08/11 – Rede de Informação Tecnológica (Ritla)
15. 09/08/11 – Site O Globo
16. 09/08/11 – Globo Mobile
17. 09/08/11 – Extra Online
18. 09/08/11 – Grupo de Apoio em Eventos Astronômicos (Gaea)
19. 09/08/11 – Yahoo Notícias
20. 09/08/11 – Osvaldo Fisica
21. 10/08/11 – Iberoamérica
22. 10/08/11 – O Princípio do Fim
23. 10/08/11 – Agonias do Clamp
24. 12/08/11 – Boletim Faperj
25. 12/08/11 – Associação dos Aposentados da Rede Ferroviária Federal S.A (AARFFSA)
26. 14/08/11 – Portal Terra
27. 14/08/11 – Jornal do Brasil
28. 14/08/11 – Ateuligente
29. 14/08/11 – Zé Moleza
30. 14/08/11 – Creation Science News
31. 14/08/11 – Iberoamérica
32. 14/08/11 – Jornal Cometa
33. 14/08/11 – Ateu Inteligente
34. 14/08/11 – Conhecimento universal
35. 14/08/11 - Ubergangster
36. 14/08/11 – It’s full of stars
37. 14/08/11 – Yomotsu Hirasaka
38. 15/08/11 – Ambiente Brasil
39. 15/08/11 – Correio da Semana
40. 15/08/11 – IG
41. 15/08/11 – Fala Rio
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47. 15/08/11 – Correio Online
48. 15/08/11 – Crystalube
49. 15/08/11 – Grupo de Apoio em Eventos Astronômicos (Gaea)
50. 15/08/11 – Blog Meio Ambiente e Saúde
51. 15/08/11 – Grupo de Estudos de Ufologia Científica
52. 15/08/11 – Correio Democrático
53. 16/08/11 – Blog Carmadélio
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55. 16/08/11 – Notícias Cristãs
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82. 17/08/11 – Vida em Órbita
83. 17/08/11 – Folha Gospel
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85. 17/08/11 – Cantares Net
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88. 17/08/11 – Portal Café Brasil
89. 17/08/11 – MTV UOL MEMO
90. 17/08/11 – Portal CWB
91. 17/08/11 – Juventude Católica de Apodi
92. 18/08/11 – Orkut Centro de Ufologia Brasileiro
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109. 21/08/11 – Notibras
110. 21/08/11 – Celio Siqueira
111. 21/08/11 – Celio Siqueira
112. 21/08/11 – Download Católico
113. 21/08/11 – Vitrine Patos
114. 21/08/11 – Acesse Piauí
115. 21/08/11 – Gouvea Repórter
116. 21/08/11 – Doura News
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118. 21/08/11 – Painel Notícias
119. 22/08/11 – Mistérios da Humanidade

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd (last) announcement

This is the 3rd and last announcement of the Evolving Universe Workshop to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 15-19, 2011.


NEWNEWNEW Arrival in Rio (based on first participants' experience)
After you get your luggage and go through customs, try to find Taxi Booth for AEROTAXI. They have the rates posted on the wall, and to Ipanema it was R$47,00 plus $1,60 for luggage. You shouldn't pay anymore for the taxi to Ipanema than that. They will give you the ticket at the taxi booth telling the driver where and the rate of the fare, then you just walk out to where the YELLOW AeroTaxi's are (which is beyond the 1st road where people are being dropped off). You pay the driver when you arrive. You do not need to tip, but you can if you were particularly happy with the service.

Please, check if your name is spelled correctly and your affiliation is right: http://evolvinguniverse-pucrio.blogspot.com/2011/04/participants.html

If you have not provided us with the TITLE OF YOUR TALK please, do that as soon as possible and we will update the program. A link to the latest version of the program is

- REGISTRATION FEE: one of the funding agencies only granted half of what we were expecting to receive and the dollar is really low now. We will have to charge R$250 reais (~US$160) as registration fee to cover local expenses, conference dinner, coffee breaks. We can only take dollars or reais - no credit cards.

Students and post-doctoral fellows will not pay registration.


SIZE (width = 1meter, length = your choice).

All posters presenters will have 2 (TWO) minutes to advertise their work on the first day of the conference (see program). We request everyone to send it in advance to Rafael Eufrasio who will be coordinating this: rafael.t.eufrasio (at) nasa.gov OR to bring their poster advertisement in a USB drive, but only if not able to email Rafael in advance.

- EXCURSION: It seems that most of the people would like to go on an excursion to the Tijuca Forest on Wednesday afternoon, so we will try to arrange that. Everyone will pay for their own transportation and meals. Professor Schweitzer (PUC-Rio) has also volunteered to organize a hike to Pedra Bonita on Saturday morning. We will coordinate during the meeting depending on how many are interested.
NEWNEWNEW We are going to Pedra Bonita on Wednesday located at Tijuca Forest. We have arranged with a bus with 42 seats (25 reais for the bus and picnic lunch). We will have a sign-up sheet at the registration desk. We will only be able to take the first 42 interested in going. The others will need to take public transportation. We will provide information on that too. The Bus will leave PUC around noon and will return around 5pm.


August 17th, Wednesday, at 20h (8pm).
Conference dinner will be at Restaurant A Mineira http://www.restauranteamineira.com.br/humaita/ Buffet with a variety of dishes including vegetarian options. Rua Visconde de Silva 152 Humaitá.

Dinner will cost 33 reais per person (drinks are NOT included) and one pays at the restaurant. If you were waived the registration fee, we will be charged 33 reais for dinner at the restaurant. Spouses and guests are welcome for the same rate, but should let us know in advance. We will have sign-up sheets at the registration desk.

Transportation to the restaurant will not be provided, but we will coordinate that and give instructions during the meeting.

Plans regarding the conference dinner might still change. We will confirm it during registration. NEWNEWNEW We have made reservations!!


Lunches will not be provided. We have a relatively long lunch break every day (2h30m). We encourage participants to network during lunch and always invite participants from other institutions to enjoy the breaks with them. PUC campus and surrounding area have many choices of restaurants. Leblon beach is only a short ride and has many options too.


PUC-Rio address: Rua Marques de São Vicente, 225 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22451-041, Brazil (google-map it for more information). The auditorium is Padre Anchieta. On PUC-Rio's campus there are three restaurants, 5 coffee-shops, 1 pizza-parlor; a bookstore and an office supply store; many copy centers; branches of three banks, (Itaú, ABN AMRO Real and Santander Banespa); a post office; a newsstand and automated teller machines.

The workshop will take place at Pe Anchieta Auditorium. We are attaching a campus map to this email, and you can also find it at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23735554/mapa_PUC.pdf


The Board of the International Network of Catholic Astronomical Institutions and invited guests will meet on Friday during lunch to discuss next meeting and future plans. If you paid registration, lunch is included. Possible venue is Churrascaria Porcao in Ipanema (to be confirmed).


I wrote a blog for the IAU in 2009 that might have some useful and general information (currency, credit card, atms, transportation, temperature, food, dress code, crime, etc). But the exchange rate is VERY different now, have that in mind. http://goingtoiaurio.blogspot.com/

If you know that you are not going to be able to attend the meeting, please, cancel your registration now since we still have a waiting list.

Thanks and see you in Rio!

Duilia de Mello

Thursday, May 26, 2011

2nd Announcement

Workshop: Exploring the Nature of the Evolving Universe - 2nd Announcement

LOCATION: PUC - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 15th to 19th of August, 2011.

We currently have 80 registered participants for the Workshop to be held at PUC-Rio and we have started a waiting list that keeps growing. The list of registered participants is available below together with a very preliminary version of the program (dates of talks might change). We have 11 participants from the USA, 26 from Chile, 42 from Brazil and 1 from Germany.

We invite everyone to start making travel plans as soon as possible. We are still waiting to hear from the funding agencies and cannot guarantee any funding at this point. However, it is likely that we will able to give per diems to all young participants from outside Rio de Janeiro who are presenting work. Per diems can be used to pay for lodging, meals and transportation. We recommend to look for affordable options (hostels and small hotels) and try to share rooms. At this point we think the per diem will be around US$ 100 (total of US$ 500 per person). We have a Facebook group page created in order to facilitate initial contact between participants with local students. We encourage foreign students to ask them for recommendations on local housing.

The LOC-chair, Prof. Enio da Silveira, has provided us with a list of suggested hostels and hotels (see links below). We highly recommend that you try to stay in places where other participants will stay in order to share local transportation with them to the PUC campus. There are two city buses that have final stops on campus and start from metro stations in Ipanema and Botafogo.

We want to make sure American participants are aware that they need a visa to enter Brazil. The visa reciprocity fee is $160 and it might take several weeks to get the visa processed (see link below). We will be glad to provide you with a letter of acceptance in case you need that to apply for a visa or other funding sources.

We are also planning one full afternoon free of workshop activities (Wednesday) for an organized tour. We are still debating on which type of tour, currently we have three possibilities: (1) explore old Rio downtown including the observatory of Valongo located in a very special region of Rio that tourists rarely get to know, (2) explore Rio touristic points such as Sugar Loaf and Corcovado, (3) go hiking in the rainforest Tijuca and even go for a hang gliding adventure. Let me know which one you would like to take and based on how many people are interested, we will select the favorite one.

We would like to thank the Catholic University of America, Washington DC, for sponsoring our coffee breaks during the workshop. We will not charge registration fee for the workshop due to the generous support from CUA.

If you know that you are not going to be able to attend the meeting, please, cancel your registration since we have a waiting list.
Thanks and see you in Rio!

Duilia de Mello


As of 06-22, we have made significant changes in the Program

PUC-Rio address: Rua Marq São Vicente, 225 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22451-041, Brazil (google-map it for more information)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Preliminary Program

The SOC has reviewed all abstracts and made a pre-selection of the presentations. We have put together a preliminary Program for the Workshop. Please, let us know if you have any suggestion and if you need to change anything in your presentation.

A file.pdf with the Preliminary version of the program is at this link (click).

Most of the talks in the sessions are listed in alphabetical order. It is very likely that we will re-arrange the order later. Titles of review talks and of invited speakers talks will be added later.

We are still waiting to hear from the funding agencies (FAPERJ, CNPq). As soon as we hear from them, we will let everyone know how much we will be able to fund. We are also applying to Catholic University of America (Washington DC USA) to sponsor our coffee breaks. If everything works out, we plan to waive registration costs to all participants.

All registered participants will receive an email by the end of this week with some more information about the meeting. Stay tuned!

- chair of the SOC

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Javier Alonso PUC Chile
Alan Alves-Brito PUC Chile
Timo Anguita PUC Chile
Juan Carlos Beamin PUC Chile
Sandra Blevins CUA USA
Vinicius Bordalo PUC Rio Brazil
Gustavo Bragança ON Rio Brazil
Walmir Cardoso PUC SP Brazil
Luiz Paulo Carneiro ON Rio Brazil
Daniela Carrasco PUC Chile
Mauricio Carrasco PUC Chile
Esteban Castillo Rojas PUC Chile
Marcio Catelan PUC Chile (SOC)
Carolina Chavero ON Rio Brazil
Alexandre Cherman Planetario Rio Brazil (LOC)
Alejandro Clocchiatti PUC Chile
Katia Cunha
NOAO USA-ON Rio Brazil
Geisa Teixeira da Ponte
Valongo Rio Brazil
Waldemar Monteiro da Silva Jr PUC Rio Brazil (LOC)
Enio Frota da Silveira PUC Rio Brazil (LOC chair)
Henrique Saraiva de Almeida Valongo Rio Brazil
Ana Lucia Ferreira de Barros CEFET Rio Brazil
Ramiro de la Reza ON Rio Brazil
Duilia Fernandes de Mello CUA USA (SOC chair)
Vinícius Bandeira de Melo Valongo Rio Brazil
Gabriel Burlandy Mota de Melo IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Celio Barros de Sousa IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Bruno Leonardo do Nascimento Dias IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Eduardo Seperuelo Duarte IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Andreza Lima Eufrasio CUA USA
Rafael Eufrasio CUA USA
Ana Monica Ferreira-Rodrigues UNIRIO Rio Brazil
Jose Funes Obs. Vaticano (SOC)
Diego A. Garcia-Appadoo JAO Chile
Cristina Javiera Garcia Vergara PUC Chile
Thiago S. Goncalves Caltech USA
Nicolas Gonzalez PUC Chile
Stella Salim Gouvea PUC Rio Brazil
Christian F. Mejia Guaman PUC Rio Brazil
Jordan Guerra CUA USA
Pedro Henrique Aragão Hasselmann ON Rio Brazil
Christopher Howk ND USA
Catalina Infante PUC Chile
Leopoldo Infante PUC Chile
Pat Knezek NOAO USA
Steve Kraemer CUA USA
Ivan Lacerna PUC Chile
Raissa Vieira Leite PUC Rio Brazil
Mariana de Souza Lima IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Alexandre Magno de Amorim Madureira Valongo Rio Brazil
Fabiola Pinho Magalhães ON Rio Brazil
Monica Marcon-Uchida Unicsul SP Brazil
Vivian Lisboa Mariano IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Karín Menéndez-Delmestre Valongo Rio Brazil
Gustavo Morales PUC Chile
Veronica Motta Univ. Valparaiso Chile
Gabriel S. Vignoli Muniz PUC Rio Brazil
Alejandra Munoz PUC Chile
Luciana Pompeia Rio Brazil
Helio Jaques Rocha Pinto Valongo Rio Brazil
Marcelo Byrro Ribeiro IF UFRJ Rio Brazil
Fabio de Almeida Ribeiro IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Bruna Mayato Rodrigues IFRJ Nilopolis Brazil
Flavio Napole Rodrigues IFRJ Rio Brazil
Alejandra Rojas PUC Chile
Katherine Rueff ND USA
Leda Sampson Pinto MCT Brasilia Brazil
Roberto Saito PUC Chile
Iker Olivares Salaverri Valongo Rio Brazil
Orlando Katime Santrich ON Rio Brazil
Paul Schweitzer PUC Rio Brazil
Verne Smith NOAO USA
Vladimir Pena Suarez ON Rio Brazil
Eduardo Telles ON Rio Brazil
Gabriel Torrealba PUC Chile
Sergio Torres-Flores Univ. la Serena Chile
Aldo Valcarce UFRN Natal Brazil
Joachim Vanderbeke ESO Chile
Sergio Vasquez PUC Chile
Tommy Wiklind JAO Chile


NEW: We have a group on Facebook where we will circulate information and will motivate students to find roommates and discuss logistics http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_210206749004404

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First announcement


Exploring the Nature of the Evolving Universe

Place – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (PUC – Rio, Pontifícia Universidade Católica)
Dates – August 15 to 19, 2011

DEADLINE TO SEND ABSTRACTS April 15 - late abstracts will be given Poster presentations.
DEADLINE TO REGISTER May 15 (date will be updated accordingly).


Registration will be done via email. Send your name, institution and an abstract to demello at cua . edu . Students should also write the name of their supervisors. Write Subject: Abstract PUC

No registration fee will be charged. Participants who are not presenting work should still register in order to guarantee a seat and a name tag.

In this Workshop we will bring together scientists and students from around the world working on different topics related to the Evolving Universe, from the origin of life to the most distant galaxies.

The right time and the right place

We are living the golden era of astronomy with 10m class telescopes available for more than a decade now and several large projects such as the Atacama Large Millimeter Telescope (ALMA) and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) being constructed and a few 30-40m telescopes being discussed and built. Moreover, recently Brazil has also joined the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in a major investment of resources which will give new impetus to the development of science, technology and innovation in Brazil.

The city of Rio de Janeiro has been a central point for Brazilian astronomy since Dom Pedro I started the Observatório Nacional in 1827. Rio de Janeiro has also had the astronomy undergraduate course offered at UFRJ since 1958. This was the only course in astronomy in the nation until 2009 when USP started to offer a similar degree. UFRJ also hosts the Valongo Observatory which was created in 1881 in downtown Rio.

Therefore, it is the right time to build new collaborations between the astronomers of the state of Rio de Janeiro and others around the world. One of the best venues to do that is the Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC) do Rio de Janeiro where we expect to gather physicists and astronomers interested in Exploring the Nature of the Evolving Universe.

Questions to be addressed

We will discuss a variety of themes related to the Evolving Universe:

- Stellar Evolution
- Galaxy Evolution
- Chemical Evolution

A few questions to be addressed during the workshop are:

• When did the first stars and first galaxies form?

• What are the main open issues in stellar evolution?

• What are the fossil records of galactic archeology?

• When and how did the Milky Way form?

• What is the importance of super massive black holes and starbursts in galaxy evolution?

• What is the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation?

Invited speakers and topics

We invited 12 experts in this field based at several universities similar to PUC-Rio in other parts of the world to give 1 hour lectures to scientists, graduate and undergraduate students interested in these topics.

  • Marcio Catelan (PUC-Santiago, Chile) – Stellar Evolution, Milky Way formation
  • Alejandro Clocchiatti (PUC-Santiago, Chile) – Chemical Evolution (Supernovae)
  • Jose Funes (VO Vatican) – Galaxy Evolution (Star formation)
  • Gaspar Galaz (PUC-Santiago, Chile) – Galaxy Evolution (Post-Starbursts, local galaxies)
  • Christopher Howk (Notre Dame IN, USA) – Chemical Evolution
  • Leopoldo Infante (PUC-Santiago, Chile) – Cosmic Microwave Background (Distant galaxies)
  • Steve Kraemer (Catholic University of America, DC, USA) – Super massive Black Holes
  • Dante Minniti (PUC-Santiago, Chile) – The Milky Way Galaxy
  • Paul Schweitzer (PUC-Rio, Brazil) – God's action in the Evolution of the Universe
  • Tommy Wiklind (JAO, Chile) - Distant Galaxies
  • Enio F. da Silveira (PUC-Rio, Brazil) – Chemical evolution (astrophysical ices and cosmic rays) – chair of Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
  • Duilia de Mello (Catholic University of America, DC, USA) – Galaxy Evolution (Distant galaxies) – chair of SOC
  • And others still to be confirmed.

Students Participation

Senior undergraduates with some knowledge of astronomy and graduate students based at universities similar to PUC-Rio around the world are highly encouraged to submit abstracts to present their research work. Other students from other Brazilian universities are also encouraged to submit abstracts for short presentations but preferences will be given to residents of Rio de Janeiro state.

Contributed Talks

All researchers interested in these topics are also encouraged to submit abstracts for short presentations but preferences will be given to residents of Rio de Janeiro state and to researchers based at other universities similar to PUC-Rio.

Scientific Organizing Committee

The Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) will evaluate all abstracts submitted and decide on which ones are within the scope of the meeting. The SOC will also put together the program as soon as everyone has confirmed attendance.
We have started advertising the meeting and the deadline for Registration is April 15 2011 and Deadline for Abstract submission is May 15 2011.


• Duilia de Mello (Catholic University of America, DC, USA) – chair of the SOC
• Marcio Catelan (PUC-Santiago, Chile)
• Jose Funes (Vatican Observatory)
• Gaspar Galaz (PUC-Santiago, Chile)


• Enio F. da Silveira (PUC-Rio, Brazil) – chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
• Waldemar Monteiro da Silva (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
• Alexandre Cherman (Planetário Rio, Brazil)

Meeting format

We are expecting around 70-100 participants.

Each invited speaker will have a total of one hour to review their topic of research,
including 8-10 minutes for questions.

We have reserved 6 hours to students presentations and discussion sessions in the program.

Researchers from the state of Rio and other universities are highly encouraged to participate and give contributed talks. We have reserved 4.5 hours for their presentations in the program.

Besides scientific discussions, this Workshop will also aim at building strong networking between Rio de Janeiro scientists and others around the world. We have dedicated time for “networking” during the lunch break and will encourage participants to plan lunches together where they can learn more about each other scientific interests and discuss possible collaborations. We will also encourage other universities similar to PUC-Rio to organize other workshops and invite their new collaborators for extended visits and exchange of students and post-doctoral fellows.

The last afternoon of the workshop will be dedicated to a summary of the networking efforts, a discussion on how to improve the network, and next steps.

DEADLINE TO SEND ABSTRACTS April 15 - late abstracts will be given Poster presentations.
DEADLINE TO REGISTER May 15 - or 100 participants (date will be updated accordingly).

Email your name, institution and abstract to demello at cua . edu . Students should also write the name of their supervisors. Write Subject: Abstract PUC

- 2nd announcement will contain information on lodging in Rio, and more details on how to register. Modest funds for students might be available upon request and based on Abstract.

NEW: AMERICAN CITIZENS need visa to go to Brazil. We highly recommend them to start thinking about this. It is expensive (US$160) and takes time (at least 10 days) http://www.brasilemb.org/component/content/article/176-brazilian-consular-and-visa-services-in-the-us

Sponsors (list to be confirmed): PUC-Rio, Catholic University of America (CUA), PUC-Santiago, Vatican Observatory, INEspaço, FAPERJ.